6 Degree of Freedom

Best and only technology used in professional cinema simulations. It can lift/drop, spin, wave, heave, pitch, etc. We make our own pistons .Additionally we use special technologies to prevent motions sickness: ramping and soft stopping after sudden fast accelerations.

Hydraulic System

Good quality motion platform with hydraulic motion chairs . Effective strong impact on the screen features which will bring you to the cinema world.

Electric System

Best technology for simulation. It has very fast reaction for the instant command of the controller. Accurate motion matches to movies which allow you to experience the brilliant feeling of movies.

Free vision

Bionic 125 ° field of view,1080P HD resolution two eyes independently, without obstruction ,9d VR machine brings you the new funny world with real feelings .

360 Degree Racing Car

It does not just apply to amusement parks and theme parks, but also can be used for science exhibition hall, vacation spots, private business club, Racing Club, racing simulation teaching, auto 4S shops, high-end real estate sales, hotel, KTV, game room, large cinema, home theater, auto, aviation exhibition, publicity display various large-scale events.

Amazing Virtual Reality Experiences

Explore every wonderful creation of our world, broadcast the moment at present, predict the future.

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