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2019 Hot Sale Virtual Reality Exclusive 5D Movies 5D Motion Cinema Simulator 2019-06-03 14:55

Price:US $8,000 - 25,000 / Set

minordernum:1 Set/Sets

sability:200 Set/Sets per Month


payment:L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: Mix Reality
  • Model Number: LZ-5D Cinema, 5d/6d/7d/8d Cinema
  • Type: 3d movie
  • Usage: Amusement/Theme Park/Shopping Mall
  • Platform: Hydraulic/Electric/Pneumatic system
  • Seats Number: 2/4/6/8/9/12 seats and more
  • Glasses: 3D Glasses
  • HD Projector: Epson/NEC/Other as your need
  • Voltage: 110/220/380V
  • Style: Luxury/Standard
  • Certificate: CE/RoHs/SaSo
  • Movie: More than 150pcs

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Air bubble film+ Stretch films + Wood frame or as customers' need.

2016 Hot Sale Virtual Reality Exclusive 5D Movies 5D Motion Cinema Simulator Experience the thrill of adventuring, from the comfort of your cinema chair.

What is 5D movie?  

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1)5D cinema movie, known as five-dimensional movie, is developed from four-dimensional movie.4D movie is a new video product combining 3D movie technology and environmental effects together.When we watching 3D movie we can see solid pictures, 4D move put tactile sensation and olfactory sensation in 3D movie.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

2)Now our engineer will throw you into a whole new world, the latest technology-5D movie. When the audience are watching the 5D movie they will wear 3D glasses and as the seat moves to 6 dof set&control led by computer. You will catch the feeling of storm, lightning, rain, spray mist, lapping legs, bubble, snow at the same time which will be totally different from the old 3D movies.

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3)You will have whole new feeling of liveness because of the good interactivity created by the new device we use. The seat will make the change to different gesture across to the story of the 5D movie goes on. augmented reality technology

New characters comparing to past movie:

Re-rendered in 3D

1. It is the most advanced movie technology in the market.You can see, hear, touch and feel snow, wind, bubble, water, flower small and so on. Just like in the real movie world. dslr flash

2. Small cinema. minimum room is about 18m³. WHAT IS 9D VR?

3.Low investment, High return. Money comes back quickly.

8.Easy move and small spaces.

Income of 5D cinema


Image you have one 5d cinema for 6 seats, each ticket USD3.00 (the ticket is about USD3.20-3.90 in China), equipment running 8 hours per day and 4 movies showing one hour(movie time from 8 to 15 minutes). The Profit situation as follows: hatfield cinema

  also know as reality technology or artificial environment.

Profit of 5d cinema for 6 seats: cheap arcade machines for sale

Every day:

mule deer hunting


Doctor Strange

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Every month: what is xd movie


stream chinese movies online


rivoli cinema

Every year :

virtual reality briller


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$207,360 movie filming equipment

  goggle vr

If working time >8 hours per day, if ticket is more than 3 USD, income will be much more !!! west covina mall theater

If mixed with supermarket, food, boutique, then the cinema will be more prosperity and colorful!!! 

imax cinema


Mars Needs Moms

Advantage of The Newest Electric Platform

wester hailes cinema

*Strong wearproof&heatproof material

Daffy's Rhapsody

*Best movement

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*Germany stainless steel material

cinema display

*220v power IMAX 3D theaters showed an IMAX DMR blow-up with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1.

*3DOF & 6DOF

orange wednesday cinema

*The newest electronic technology dinosaurus game

What’s the difference between 3 cylinders and 6 cylinders?  

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1)The loading of 6 cylinders are much more than 3 cylinders,of course, it’s obvious that the price is more expensive.

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2)There are 3 DOF(degrees of freedom), 6 directions,18 kinds of combinations,36 actions for 3 cylinders;there are 6DOF(degrees of freedom),12directions,36 kinds of combinations,72 actions for 6 cylinders.

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3)The speed of 6 cylinders is faster than 3 cylinders, especially when change directions.

We Offer more than 100 pcs movies and games,

Finally, It says from feelings that 6 cylinders are faster, more exciting and more shocking.

lincoln cinema

What’s the difference between the hydraulic and the electric ?

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1)Electric system is using the latest technology that works by only 220V,more easily to maintain. racing games

2)Hydraulic system works by 220V,380V and hydraulic oil, so often need to maintain,but more cheaper;Pneumatic system works by air-compressor,it’s the oldest system, of course, it’s also cheapest.

Shockwave, Darkside

3)In my sight,I recommend you to buy electric system, this is my suggestion, it finally depends on you.I will show you the difference of two system when you have any chance to visit our factory. :)

The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Special Effects: where to buy virtual reality goggles

1. Lightning First 3D Punjabi film.

While the movie shots, thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, and accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that audiences feel like being at the thunderstorm days.  chinese new year movie 2019

2. Raining

While the film for a rainy picture, showing the slightest fear of stirring up the hall Yuhua, which is installed in the hall on top of the spray device consists of computer-controlled to complete, audiences will feel truly about rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks. 

Jackson ...

3. Snow movie director equipment

Simulate snow. Snowflake function is efficiently and quickly acting to man-made snow Feifei triumphantly sky drift down the screen from top to bottom with snow. Snow on the screen and indoor snow mixed together, a sudden exposure to the audience, and he will be wrapped in silver makeup Su's world.  chaines film

4. Smoke

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Simulated burning smoke. Imitate a large number of burning smoke, smoke arises accompanied by "flames" as if the sky in the combustion. Simulated mist curls between clouds Piaowu in the audience. 7d movie in bangalore

5. Bubble all free shooting games

Generated bubbles fills the air of the reality. Quest in the undersea world and underwater, the divers, aquatic plants and animals due to the role of metabolism, will spit out a number of air bubbles from the bubble machine blowing bubbles in the theater of the drift, alienation between the audience and the theater every corner of the make theater in the lively atmosphere of mystery augmented reality goggles

6. Hot drop
Simulating the bloody scenes of Nature Law of the Jungle, or excreta. A bird flew over their heads and in front of you while excreted; ancient battlefield, military athletic field, blood spatter, etc. Since lens occurs, 40 constant temperatures hot water in the form of large water droplets splash down in the audience, who can get unexpected effect.  rift vr headset

7. Vibration
Simulates an impact. When the movie screen, an object lens and lens impact or landing such scenarios, the instantaneous seat vibration make the audience feel as if being in a virtual reality.

beacon cinema

8. Spray, jet expansion
Seat is equipped with fog, gas nozzle. Usually, it’s used in parallel, and can also be used independently. This seat can be sprayed on the expansion into a different water spray and different gases

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9. Ear Wind
Hair behind your ear, so that audiences can feel the three-dimensional position of the stimulation and the authenticity of the environment.

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10. Ear Sound
Seat back of the stereo speakers, in a particularly conditional sounds, the audience can almost feel the stimulation of special effects, as if something on your minds, right you are about to attack. 

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11. Flame where to buy arcade games

simulation of the combustion flame 3Ality Technica Atom

Mix Reality

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Is the earliest manufacturer of 4D/5D theater equipment at home.It provided designated production,research and development in the early days. It also takes over OEM orders of dynamic seat which are very famous at home and abroad. latest virtual reality

Since 2009 our company has developed independent intellectual property rights of the motor control system platform and the special effects simulation control system,we have the patent authentication of the technology.We developed dynamic cinema equipment that can be comparable to international,both in its performance and special effects animator,the price is only one-tenth comparing with the foreign equipment.

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Our company is aimed at making the stereoscopic films approachable,The mode has a good predictability for the market that is low input and high return.We provide you with 3D,4D and 5D,6D,7D,8D,9D,12D,XD theater decoration,special effects design,engineering installation and commissioning,marketing management and other one-stop service!

movie theater west covina

Why Choose Us?

5d experience

We commit ourselves to offer the best service to our customers and we have our own professional technology research and development department and 5D film-making department. asian movie releases

We do our best to offer the total set of the service to satisfy the need of the customers. visual reality

1. Your reliable partner

December 15, 2019 (China)

2. Wide range of products space and achieve the aesthetic result.

3. High quality control 3d cinema dublin

4. On time deliveries November 4, 2011[6]

5. Flexible lead time

hollywood film video

6. Experienced staffs helicopter flying games

7. Small vol. Orders are welcomed best vr goggles for iphone

8. Quotation within 24 hours. best virtual reality apps

Mix Reality Will keep going, and hope we will be your best choice! play free shooting games

Service tracing

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 1) We will offer you 50 5D movies

shrewsbury cinema

2) We will update the movies every month oculus games

3) We will give you 5 set vulnerable parts more for each cinema gadgets new

4) Installment:

red digital cinema

a. Video and description about how to install and test. Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back

b. Buyer sends your engineer to China. We will train your person how to install and test. upcoming chinese movies

c. We can come to buyer's place to install, test and train your person, but buyer should pay the round ticket and accommodation fee.

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

d. We will train the staff appointed by your company to install and operate the cinema for free, you just need to pay the travel expenses, accommodation and food charge.

Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods

e. We will give you the advice of running the cinema all the time.

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After-sale sercice best arcade machines

a.3 years warranty for software!
b.2 years warranty for components! best shooting games online

c.1 year warranty for hardware! Originally released in 2003; re-rendered as a stereoscopic version.

d.Technical support in a lifetime! flying games

  Welcome to contact us for any services!
virtual reality products

How many seats do I need? 9d movie theatre in delhi

You should consider about the visitor flow rate of the place you find. If the visitor is much you can choose more seats. You also need to consider about the size of the place you have find or the place you can find.

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Which system should I choose?

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We have the electric platform and the hydraulic platform. Hydraulic is steady and the speed is in constant and strong. The electric move very quickly and the feeling is exciting and easy to maintain. the price is higher. If your budget is enough. We suggest the electric platform, because it is the newest electronic technology, Germany stainless steel material and Strong wearproof & heatproof material with Best movement.

essex green cinema

What about the delivery time?
cinema wimbledon

5-7 days after we receive your deposit.

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What is the payment term?
kettering cinema

T/T 30% as the deposit,70% balance pay before delivery.

teesside cinema

What is the payback time for a 5D cinema?

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The payback time mostly depends on three conditions: location, rent price, ticket price. The average payback time is from 6 to 9 months. Reality Camera System

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