Why we are 9D vr plus? 2019-06-04 10:12
Qingfeng VR World is chiese latest 9D VR Plus product!it has exclusive explosion models,intelligent systems,and complete functions.

Why choose Qingfeng VR World plus?

1.Case upgrade.From plastic into fiberglass.Fiberglass will keep the machine like the new one.The service life will be much longer.
2.Space capsule design.The seat is an ergonomic product.Clients will feel like home in our 9D VR PLUS.
3.VR glass upgrade.From LCD glass into LED glass.It will be clearer and brighter.
4.Mainframes upgrade.Intel I5 core,8G ROM,it can operate all 9D game and movies smoothly.
5.Motor cylinder made by world top brand TOMAS just for Qingfeng 9D VR PLUS,big pressure and fruitful movements.
6.Air compressor upgrade.we use big volume air compressor,silent and long-time working.
7.Software system optimization.Machine will work in just 3 steps.
8.Functional areas are marked in inner machine.You can easily find out mechanical problem.And our service will supply the solution in half and hour. best vr system

It with zero distance on touch science fiction,Novel entertainment to stimulate the imagination!Life is more beautiful than you think!
The data of earnings  Daily profit $485!!!(=$177,000/365 days)

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