What’s up with the Sigma’s MC-11 Adapter for Sony E-mount Cameras? Game Changer? 2019-06-04 20:38
Ok, I know y’all don’t like the ‘game changer’ phrase but that’s what some people are calling this Sigma MC-11 Adapter for Sony E-Mount cameras.
But I think based on my investigations, it should be called “limited” because it only applies to Sigma and Sigma EF Lenses. You can’t use your Canon EF lenses or any other branded lenses either.
The game changer (and you’ll see it in the Dpreview video below) is that it is the first adapter to bring full autofocus to Sony E-Mount bodies. While the Metabones adapters do work, they’re limited in AF functionality. So if you watch the demos, you’ll be very impressed with the capabilities demonstrated and if you own Sigma lenses, you’ll be very happy!
While the rest of the lens world (Canon, Tamron, etc) sits and prays for updates as this would indeed be something many people would love to have. I’ve tried the metabones on a Sony A7s with my EF lenses and the AF was just not suitable for my needs.
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