Newsshooter at NAB 2019: 9.Solutions C Pan Arm 2019-06-04 10:11

I had the chance to see this demonstrated by Connor from on Thursday as well – and it was very impressive.  machine games

There were lots of interesting things to see at NAB this year and much of the innovation was in the far reaches of the main halls. Sometimes, you have to spend a lot of time roaming in order to see the cool nuggets and I didn’t find this one until Thursday. hunting pc games

Our friends over at NewsShooter grabbed this interview with Connor as well. 3D conversion by Stereo D. Also released in Digital IMAX 3D. Only in China.

Have a look, you might be pleased to see one device doing so many different moves.

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Newsshooter at NAB 2016: 9.Solutions C Pan Arm

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Matt Allard talks to Connor from 9.Solutions about their new C Pan arm. The design allows the mounted camera to slide straight or turn both in or out with a simple adjustment. The arm can also by turned from horizontal to vertical, or forward and back. The arm is available in the next two months, priced around $2,200 US. and more profit as well as play time intend to attract more customers.

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